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Landscaper Care for Red Currant

Right Care: Red Currant

Hardy plants called red currants yield soft, tart red berries from the middle of July to late June. Red currants are a lovely addition to any landscape because of their upright growth habit and gorgeous, maple-like foliage. As the plants are self-fertile, you only need one to yield berries. Established shrubs don’t need a lot of maintenance; they are resilient and forgiving, but you should take extra care while weeding to protect the shallow roots. If you choose to cultivate one, consider the following landscaper tips.


The point at which established plants are ready to be harvested is the only time they require regular watering; beyond that, their active development ends, and they only require supplemental water during protracted droughts. Their weak roots respond well to deep drip watering.


Red currants consume a lot of nitrogen. Early in the spring, fertilize the plants around each one with a layer of complete fertilizer weighing between a quarter and a third of a pound. Spreading composted manure around the plants will also provide an additional nitrogen boost for the plants.


The soil must be able to contain a lot of water while still being well-drained and aerated. The optimal soil type is silt or clay loam with plenty of organic materials. In warm weather, sandy soil warms up excessively. To combat this, add organic matter to the soil and maintain moisture with two to three inches of mulch. Red currants may be cultivated in a wider neutral to acidic pH range, while the recommended soil pH range is 6.2 to 6.5.


For at least a portion of the day, red currants require full sun. In hotter regions, they thrive in the early sun and afternoon shade since the morning sun can scorch the leaves.

Temperature and Humidity

Red currants can withstand cold winters, but because they blossom in the early spring, they are vulnerable to late frosts. More than 85 degrees Fahrenheit, they struggle. They are especially vulnerable to powdery mildew because of their warm, humid atmosphere and limited air circulation.

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